August 2, 2017

ASP workflow

Active Server Pages (ASP) was the first server-side script engine of Microsoft for Web pages that are generated dynamically. ASP is basically a tool used to create dynamic, interactive Web server applications. The web pages, thus, generated will never get affected by the type of browser the website visitor is using.

An ASP file can contain text, HTML tags and scripts. All the scripts that are present in an ASP file are executed on the server. Through ASP, you can combine HTML pages, script commands, and COM components to make Web pages interactive and Web-based applications powerful which are easy to develop and modify. The default scripting language used for writing ASP is VB Script, but you can use other scripting languages like JScript as well for writing ASP code.

What all things can I do with Active Server Pages?
  • You can display date, time, and other information in a number of ways.
  • You can add or edit any content of a web page dynamically.
  • You can make a survey form and ask people who visit your site to fill it out, send emails, save the information to a file, etc.
  • You can reply to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms.
  • You can customize a Web page to make it interactive and innovative for your users.
ASP Advantages
  • ASP offers simplicity and speed, as compared to CGI and Perl.
  • ASP provides security since ASP code can not be viewed from a web browser.
  • ASP programming can help you minimize your network traffic.