August 2, 2017

BEA WebLogic

BEA Web Logic, or Oracle Web Logic Server, is one of the most popular application server developed by BEA Systems and now owned by Oracle Corporation. Primarily used to deploy Web and SOA applications, Web Logic Server is a J2EE application server and the core product of BEA. It is industry’s most comprehensive Java platform for developing, deploying, and integrating enterprise and Private PaaS applications.

  • Gradually improves developer productivity.
  • Enhances administrator and operational productivity.
  • Offers integration foundation services.
  • CORBA connectivity.
  • COM+ Connectivity.
  • IBM WebSphere MQ connectivity.
  • Java EE Connector Architecture.
  • Native enterprise-grade JMS messaging.
  • Web Logic/Tuxedo Connector.

BEA Web Logic Server can increase productivity and lower the cost structure for enterprise IT organizations by offering a uniform, simple, and extensible architecture. It includes a Java EE platform product-family that consists of a Java EE application server (Web Logic Application Server), an enterprise portal (Web Logic Portal), an Enterprise Application Integration platform, a transaction server and infrastructure (Web Logic Tuxedo), a telecommunication platform (Web Logic Communication Platform), and an HTTP web server.

BEA Web Logic Server has an application infrastructure technology that is originated from some of the proven BEA products that has been used several times by thousands of customers worldwide, among which includes BEA Web Logic Server, BEA Web Logic Portal, and BEA Web Logic Integration. These technologies when combined with BEA Web Logic Workshop offers a single, uniform, easy-to-use infrastructure Server for application development, deployment, and management.

BEA Web Logic Server can form a part of Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio in order to support Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Enterprise and other JDBC-compliant databases. BEA WebLogic Platform even comprises of JRockit (a custom JVM), Portal which includes Commerce Server and Personalization Server, Web Logic Integration, Web Logic Workshop (an Eclipse IDE for Java, SOA and Rich Internet Applications). You can even integrate .NET with Web Logic Server and can work on it easily.